Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who Reads My Blog?

Every morning when I get up and drink my coffee I check my Google Analytics. I don't quite understand everything just yet, but I am working on it. I like to see how many people are checking out my site and where these people are. A lot of places, I know exactly who it is...pretty sure it is my family checking out my site in Claremore, OK. I am happy to say that my blog has been viewed in 13 countries and 32 states. I feel proud, but I like to see the number grow and expand:) It is uplifting to see that somewhere in Jamaica someone is reading my blog 4 times a month...or maybe it was an accident? So, I don't get a lot of comments...but...who reads this?
And because you always need a photo:
They would be me on the left:)


Anonymous said...

I read your blog when I'm prompted via FB, I'm nosey, and want to see what you're up to.

-Rachel Z

mcnetn3 said...

I read your blog pretty much everyday. Because I love your photots and they make me happy. I can't see them at work, so I look on my blackberry or at home.

brialev said...

i dont know you but i read your blog everyday because your photos are awesome!

Jessica Arden said...

yay! thank you guys:)

Karyn said...

I read!!! I'm the england one!