Friday, August 27, 2010

Sasha & Barry

Sasha & Barry's wedding was a joy to photograph:) Sasha put a lot of time and craftiness into planning her wedding, which made all the little details that much more fun. She embroidered the table numbers, ordered the bridesmaid gorgeous jewelry from Etsy, as well as the custom cake toppers complete with their dog, Gus! How cute? Following her progress on her blog, Charmingly Domestic, was fun, and being able to see the complete vision was perfection! The reception at Bay 7 was fabulous! I love Durham, and everything that has been doing downtown, especially at American Tobacco. After the wedding the whole party moved down to Tyler's! One of the many things that Sasha and I both agree strongly about, is how freakin' cool Durham is:) Thank you for inviting me to your fabulous wedding!


carlotta said...

these are stunning! so pretty :)

Drew Watts said...

Marvelous photographs! They look so happy with each other. I see very less photographs of the event space, I would also like to see how the place was decorated or arranged. I really like to know about different styles of wedding arrangements.