Friday, July 30, 2010

Back in the South

It seems that all of my blog posts lately have started off with me trying to explain why I have been the worst blogger ever as of late. So I won't bore you with that again, but I can tell you what I have been up too. I am now officially back in NC (whoot, whoot!) and part of the Tamara Lackey Photography team! This blog is not going away, but I will be blogging on Tamara's site much more frequently. You can click here to view my posts on Tamara's blog. It is really nice working in a creative environment surrounded by cool and talented women:) I am really looking forward to building a name for myself as part of her team, but I also wanted to make a quick shout-out to all my clients that believed in me and trusted me even as a young photographer with so much still to learn! I hope that some of you will follow me to my new studio! I will say that I hope that the day never comes that I think that I think that I know it all. It is much more interesting to discover new things on a regular basis than to never be surprised by anything:) So, every blog post needs a photo, so here is a photo from my first session with Tamara Lackey Photography. You may recognize this lovely family from previous posts...thank you for following me to NC!

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