Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Had To Tues | Jessica Arden Photography

So, this Tuesday what I have to do is explain myself...I mentioned that I started a new job and have been traveling a lot this summer. Not all of my sessions are making it up here, and I have hardly had time to look at my personal images from my trips! So things are busy and awesome and cray-cray:) I am phasing out Jessica Arden Photography and phasing into senior associate photographer for Tamara Lackey! I am also in the meantime living in Frederick and Durham in between trips...I have a suitcase that hasn't been fully unpacked in over a month, that lives in my trunk most of the time:)
Here are some photos of what I have been up to:
My girl, Tenley, you know:)The long awaited and fabulous wedding of Wilmara & Alex! Thank you guys so much for everything!

Fun with the fam at OBX:

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